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One S. Church Street, Suite 200, Hazleton, PA 18201
p: 570.455.1508   f: 570.454.7787

President's Message

W. Kevin O'DonnellThose who founded CAN DO in 1956 realized that we must adapt in order to succeed. It's a statement that, for many, is easy to say but hard to embrace.

We in Greater Hazleton have adapted. When anthracite coal stopped fueling the entire nation in the mid-1950s, we had to convert our entire economy from mining-based to industry-based.

And we did. In those early days, we spearheaded a grassroots movement to raise money and create the area's first industrial park. Its success led us to do more. We now have multiple industrial parks, a corporate/business park and a commercial development helping drive economic activity in Greater Hazleton.

Through the vision of our volunteers, CAN DO has continued to thrive and adapt. We've embraced new types of infrastructure to keep on the edge of economic development. We’ve also created a business incubator and promoted entrepreneurship to establish new businesses in the community.

See, while the look of CAN DO and the face of Greater Hazleton have changed over the years, our driving spirit remains the same.

You don't stay in the economic development business for 60 years by remaining stagnant. We firmly believe our best days are ahead of us. That's why our committed volunteers and dedicated staff continue to support our efforts.

That brings me to this website.

Since we launched www.hazletoncando.com several years ago, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have logged on and learned about Greater Hazleton. Many saw what we have to offer both employers and employees - a great location, a dedicated workforce, access to roadways and railways, ample utilities and a quality of life that's second to none - and decided to call Hazleton home.

This Web site will be updated regularly with all our latest developments. Site selection professionals and the brokerage community can search an interactive database to see our available inventory. Industry leaders can use this site and the links provided to understand how we can assist your business.

If you're a new visitor, welcome to our site. We hope you've learned a bit about CAN DO and Greater Hazleton and the opportunities that await you here. We stand ready to assist you. Please e-mail us using the links provided or call 1.800.54.CANDO so we can discuss your needs.

If you've visited us before, welcome back. Take a minute to see what's new. CAN DO is changing all the time; this Web site reflects our most recent progress.

We also welcome residents of Greater Hazleton. We think this site will explain what we at CAN DO are all about and how we're constantly working to improve our quality of life.

Thanks for stopping by. Please, come back again.

Kevin's signature

W. Kevin O'Donnell
CAN DO President & CEO

Business Financing


Receive assistance with business financing from CAN DO.

Cranberry Creek

Cranberry Creek

Residential, retail and entertainment options at this 366-acre park.

CAN DO Foundation


Making a positive difference to the present and future well-being of the Hazleton area.

CAN BE, Inc.


Assistance for today's entrepreneurs from CAN BE, Inc.