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CAN DO staff members Evan McKenzie, Water Utility Specialist, and Daniel Bove, Wastewater Utility Specialist, recently passed their water and wastewater operator certification exams, which puts them on track to earn their Operator Certification within the coming months. To be eligible, McKenzie and Bove needed to meet all education requirements, pass the necessary examinations, and meet the operating experience requirements.

Upon receiving their Operator Certifications, McKenzie and Bove will play a greater role in overseeing the daily operation of all CAN DO-owned water systems.

“Both Daniel and Evan’s professional certifications ensure that CAN DO’s systems are operated with the highest level of knowledge. Our continued efforts to upgrade our utility division does not stop at the physical infrastructure and it is of vast importance that our operators are certified and up to date with all state environmental regulations. It has been great to see Daniel and Evan’s rapid professional development,” said Raiana Nichols, CAN DO’s Director of Utilities, when asked what these certifications mean for the organization’s utility offerings.

Currently, the organization manages a one-million-gallon wastewater treatment facility in Humboldt Industrial Park and three water systems located across CAN DO’s industrial and business parks. These water systems have the capacity to produce a total of 1.6 million gallons per day, which by Pennsylvania law, requires the oversight of certified operators.

Under the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, certified water and wastewater operators are responsible for various decisions and processes for maintaining public health and the environment. They are essential in the treatment, distribution, and/or collection of Public Water and Wastewater Systems.

For more information, please contact CAN DO’s Director of Utilities, Raiana Nichols, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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