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CAN DO receives BAMR grantCAN DO received a $2.6 million grant from the Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation which it is using to reclaim approximately 40 acres of former mine land in Humboldt Industrial Park North.

CAN DO will transport fill material from a 22-acre piece of land spread across two of its sites in the Humboldt Northwest section of the park to Humboldt North to reclaim the property. This project will restore land that was previously used for strip mining and allow for additional site development in Humboldt North.

A design for this project has been completed and a bid package was developed.

CAN DO President and CEO Kevin O’Donnell said, “We are very excited to receive this grant and look forward to developing this additional property in Humboldt North. As Humboldt Industrial Park has grown to 3,000 acres, we have been fortunate to work with many development partners to construct speculative buildings and complete land development approvals on properties. We are proud that nearly 60 companies have a home in our park but it also means we are running out of available property. The opportunity to reclaim this land will result in great opportunities for Humboldt’s future.”

Humboldt North was the second section CAN DO added to the original Humboldt Industrial Park, following the addition of the Humboldt West section in the late 1990s. Humboldt North is home to companies such as Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, AutoZone, E.S. Kluft & Co., Gonnella Frozen Products and U.S. Cold Storage.