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In 1987, two clients wanted to be adjacent to one another but didn’t want to be located within either Valmont or Humboldt Industrial Park, so CAN DO took them to a 200-acre tract of land it owned near McAdoo, a few miles south of downtown Hazleton on Route 309. This land belonged to CAN DO since the '60s, but hadn't been developed. Once these clients expressed an interest in the site, the economic development agency obtained a $1.5 million grant from the state to develop infrastructure in the park.

The McAdoo Industrial Park opened in 1989 and consists of generally level land with plenty of green areas.

For businesses not requiring immediate access, McAdoo Park offers a wide range of lot sizes and is only one-half mile from State Route 309, just south of Hazleton, and three miles from Exit 138 of Interstate 81. The park also has access to State Route 424 (the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce Beltway), which links State Route 309 and Interstate 81.





McAdoo Industrial Park is less than a mile from State Route 309. Two interchanges along Interstate 81 are just over a mile away in each direction. The Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce Beltway (State Route 424), which links Route 309 and I-81 just north of McAdoo, increased access to the McAdoo park. The junction with Interstate 80 is about 12 miles north of this park.

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McAdoo Industrial park map

McAdoo Infrastructure

  • Water


    CAN DO, Inc. supplies quality water throughout the park in a 12-inch main at pressures and flow rates suitable for industrial use.  The source of water is a deep well with fire protection aided by a 500,000 gallon storage tank.

    Download CAN DO Water rates, rules and regulations

    For more information, visit the DEP website:

    Enter PWSID:  3130837

    Information Request:  Choose “Detail Sample Results”

    Choose:  “Submit”

  • Sewer


    Sanitary service is collected by Banks Township Municipal Authority and treated by Kline Banks McAdoo (KBM) Regional Authority.  Ten-inch gravity collection lines allow industries easy access to the system.

    Download a copy of the CAN DO Sewer Rates, Rules and Regulations

  • Natural Gas

    Natural Gas

    Supplied by UGI Utilities.Two-inch high pressure, 80 PSI mains run throughout the park.

  • Electrical


    Reliable electrical service is provided by PPL Utilities, a national leader in power generation and distribution. PPL can serve customers at the 12kV or 69kV voltage levels. There is currently one 12kV substation in the area.

  • Rail


    A Reading & Northern Railroad siding passes across the western boundary of the park.

    There is also a bulk transload terminal close to the park where companies can receive rail shipments. The facility is just off Exit 145 of Interstate 81 and is available to industries in McAdoo Industrial Park. Managed by Master Logistics, the facility has two loading platforms, with a 250-foot-long railroad siding offering 60 railcar spots. The railroad siding is serviced by Norfolk Southern five days per week.

  • Telecommunications


    Verizon supplies superior communications services, highlighted by an extensive fiber-optic network providing a state-of-the-art telecommunications system for voice, data and video transmissions.

  • Real Estate Taxes

    Local Real Estate Taxes
      County 1/11/22-
    Municipal 1/1/22-
    School 7/1/21-
    Total Mils
    Banks Township, Carbon County 12.25 1.1 29.0670 42.417


    PA Business Taxes
    Corporate Net Income Tax Sales and Use Tax Personal Income Tax
    9.99% 6% 3.07%
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