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During the month of November, CAN DO celebrated the completion of three major projects in the Greater Hazleton area – the ribbon cuttings for the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy, the long-awaited Route 424 Extension, and the Arcadia Cold Storage facility, each symbolizing growth and progress in the region.

CAN DO Arts and HumanitiesOn November 2nd, the Hazleton Area School District opened the Hazleton Area Arts & Humanities Academy (HAAH) at the CAN DO Corporate Center, creating extending the second campus for the district. HAAH offers a unique curriculum that intertwines the arts and humanities with history, criticism, and aesthetics, highlighting the creative and academic talents of Hazleton's youth.

The property, formerly an office building owned by CAN DO, is now a state-of-the-art facility that features a theatre, dance, and vocal studio. Charles Burkhardt, Chair of the CAN DO Board of Directors and a retired art teacher, expressed his enthusiasm during the school’s ribbon cutting, stating, “I am pleased to have an Arts & Humanities Academy right here in Greater Hazleton. Knowing that students with a true creative passion have a place to hone their talents through targeted education brings me so much joy.”

CAN DO Route 424Additionally, the long-awaited ribbon cutting for the Route 424 Extension took place on November 9th. This project, a collaboration between CAN DO and PennDOT, involved the creation of a second access road into and out of Humboldt Industrial Park. The extension is expected to enhance connectivity and ease traffic flow, further bolstering the area's growing infrastructure and economic potential.

CAN DO ArcadiaThe need for the Route 424 Extension has been further highlighted by the significant growth within the Humboldt Industrial Park. On November 16th, CAN DO celebrated the ribbon cutting of the Arcadia Cold Storage facility, one of the newest tenants to open in the park.

This project, initiated with a groundbreaking ceremony in July 2022, represents a significant investment in the region. The 228,330 square-foot facility, developed by Saxum Real Estate for Arcadia, was built on over 17 acres of land in Humboldt North and is expected to provide between 80 and 90 local jobs with competitive salaries. This facility is part of Arcadia's broader plan to modernize the cold storage industry and address the current shortage of contemporary cold storage spaces.

These three projects collectively demonstrate CAN DO's commitment to fostering economic development and enhancing the quality of life in Greater Hazleton. Each project, unique in its purpose and impact, contributes to the region's ongoing growth and diversification.

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