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Continued expansion of Humboldt Industrial Park’s northern side has caused CAN DO to substantially improve two intersections along Route 924 in Hazle Township.

The intersection of North Park Drive and State Route 924 at the Humboldt Industrial Park.First, the intersection of Route 924 with North Park Drive will be upgraded from a low-volume driveway to a high-volume driveway, according to Phil Wegener, CAN DO’s director of operations.

Improvements will include new traffic signals, acceleration and deceleration lanes on a wider Route 924, and dedicated right- and left-turn lanes on North Park Drive, Wegener said.

Similar work will be done on Scotch Pine Drive, one of three planned entrances to the as-yet-undeveloped Humboldt Industrial Park Northwest. Wegener noted that Scotch Pine Drive will also act as a secondary entrance and exit road for the United States Cold Storage facility in Humboldt North.

Both expansion projects are slated to begin before the end of the year. They will be completed in conjunction with PennDOT’s Route 924 expansion project.