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community-energy-certified(Hazleton, PA – August 4, 2010) – A company with a 10-year track record in renewable energy development, supply and marketing has broadened its product offerings in the portfolio of screened, certified CAN DO Energy Solutions providers.

Today, CAN DO is pleased to announce that Community Energy, Inc. (CEI) will become the exclusive provider of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets within the CAN DO Energy Solutions portfolio. CEI was certified in March as a provider in both the solar and the wind renewable energy categories.

CAN DO Energy Solutions, a venture created by Greater Hazleton’s economic development agency, combines electrical energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions with public funding to shorten payback periods. Through the program, CAN DO has put together a network of energy providers that offer a variety of renewable options and energy efficiency solutions to help companies reduce their energy usage and bills.

RECs and carbon offsets provide a way for energy consumers to support clean energy. RECs, which are used to offset emissions created by traditional electricity use, contribute to financing external renewable energy projects. The price paid for a REC helps make up the difference between the lower cost of fossil fuel-based electricity generation and the higher cost of clean, emission-free electricity generation.

By purchasing RECs or carbon offsets, manufacturers and suppliers can reduce the carbon intensity of their products and win new business in an increasingly environmentally conscious marketplace. RECs and carbon offsets are particularly useful for businesses wanting to receive Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification by providing another option for investment in renewable technologies.

CAN DO Director of Economic Development Bernadette DeBias said, “For some companies, it may be more practical to purchase RECs than to engage in a renewable energy project at their own location. RECs and carbon offsets help make renewable energy projects financially viable for a variety of companies and organizations. This can encourage companies to support renewable energy as we work together to ease our dependence on fossil fuels.”

“CAN DO Energy Solutions works with companies to help provide the best ‘green’ solutions for their businesses. It makes sense for businesses in this area to work with Community Energy for REC and carbon offset purchases because of the additional benefit the company is bringing to the region by developing renewable energy projects throughout Pennsylvania and the PJM grid region,” DeBias said.

CEI is one of the nation’s leading renewable energy suppliers, providing green power options to more than 115,000 residential and commercial customers in 20 markets throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest. CEI is headquartered in Pennsylvania and is unique among renewable energy suppliers because it uses the proceeds from its renewable energy sales and marketing business to develop new renewable energy projects in Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

CEI also offers on-site solar and wind power services within the CAN DO Energy Solutions portfolio.

“Community Energy is pleased to expand our relationship with CAN DO Energy Solutions,” said Jay Carlis, Vice President of Community Energy, Inc. “We applaud CAN DO’s leadership in creating this portfolio of energy solutions. We appreciate that CAN DO recognizes the important work that Community Energy is doing to build a clean energy future in Pennsylvania.”

Local businesses and industries are welcome to call DeBias at CAN DO Energy Solutions to discuss how RECs and/or offsets will help them achieve their environmental goals.

For more information about CAN DO Energy Solutions, contact DeBias at 570-455-1508, ext. 2025 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..