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American Eagle Solutions When American Eagle Solutions managing partners Shane Acernese and Robert Bradly combined their expertise to co-found the company in 2016, they had a plan to disrupt the typical energy-efficiency market. Just three years later, the company has grown to 10 employees and offers a unique package of services that helps its customers reduce energy costs.

Since many of its customers reside in CAN DO’s parks, it was a natural choice for the company to look at the CAN BE Innovation Center in the Valmont Industrial Park for a home for its operations.

“American Eagle Solutions started off as a small company with only two employees. As we began to grow, we needed access to more space for both industrial and economic purposes, Acernese said. “We have even taken advantage of space outside of the building. We have grown beyond our expectations in the time frame that we have been in business. We couldn’t have done this without our great team, (CAN DO Coordinator of Entrepreneurial Services) Jocelyn (Sterenchock) and the rest of CAN BE.”

American Eagle Solutions implements energy-saving lighting and full-building commercial/industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for businesses seeking to reduce energy costs and increase the operational efficiency of their facilities. The company advises its clients on energy-efficiency opportunities within their facilities and implements proven solutions that meet stringent investment criteria. It specializes in LED-lighting upgrades, lighting controls, HVAC improvements and ongoing maintenance services.

In its three years in business, American Eagle Solutions has completed everything from construction jobs for small businesses to multimillion-dollar, large-scale projects for government, industrial, commercial and manufacturing facilities. With such a diverse range of customers and company sizes, American Eagle Solutions understands the work CAN BE does to help start-up companies scale their operations and has benefited from the services, as well, since moving into CAN BE in 2018.

“We occupy a large amount of space in CAN BE. At first, we were concerned that the amount of space we needed would be too much to ask. However, as we grow, we are finding out that CAN BE quickly accommodates our many needs,” Acernese said. “Jocelyn has worked alongside us to make sure our needs are met. It is evident that she wants to see everyone succeed. It’s nice knowing she and CAN BE will try to accommodate all our needs.”

Although American Eagle Solutions is still in the start-up phase, the company has seen success by offering clients multiple al-a-cart demand reduction and renewable energy solutions.  

Acernese said, “We differ from our competition by bringing our clients increased savings through bundling design and construction services under one roof. Our competitors typically specialize in only one of the many facility improvement measures that we offer.
American Eagle Solutions offers construction management services, which includes overseeing the coordination of project materials, people and equipment. Its energy-efficient design-build services include photometric/3D modeling, performance specifications and fast-track construction. The company also helps clients complete utility rebate applications to ensure they take advantage of any available utility incentive programs to help fund their projects. It’s Efficiency-as-a-Service (EaaS) program is designed to help customers enhance their energy efficiency and reduce their energy consumption. Through this program, our customers can pursue projects across their portfolio without spending their own capital. The program is a pay-for-performance solution where wasted utility expense is put to work to complete antiquated equipment upgrades and energy reduction projects.

The company’s project work process guides customers through benchmarking, design, implementation, project management, measurement & verification, testing and project closeout phases.

As American Eagle Solutions continues its growth, Acernese said the company looks forward to a long relationship with CAN BE and encourages other start-ups looking for a home to consider the business innovation center.

“CAN BE is a resourceful environment that wants you to succeed. They can accommodate both economic and industrial development. We look forward to growing with CAN BE.”