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thumbnail Hazleton Aerial October 2020PFNonwovens, a global manufacturer of nonwoven fabrics used to produce protective medical apparel worn by doctors and nurses across the country, in addition to multiple consumer products, announced that the company has begun a $70 million expansion at its Humboldt Industrial Park location that will add two production lines and create an additional 60 jobs over the next two years. PFN currently employs more than 300 people at its facilities in Humboldt Industrial Park.

Phase I of the expansion is expected to be completed and operational in mid-2021 and the second phase is planned to be completed in 2022. PFN currently has 500,850 square-feet of manufacturing space on 68.6 acres of land in Humboldt. The expansion will add another 170,562 square-feet to the existing facility, according to a company spokeswoman.

The Humboldt plant can manufacture material to make up to five million medical products each month, according to Chris Scuron, PFN’s general manager. In addition, PFN makes materials that are used in disinfecting wipes, adult and baby diapers and feminine care products that are in high demand across the country due to the pandemic, Scuron said.

thumbnail IMG 7739The first Humboldt Industrial Park facility was opened in the late 1990s as First Quality Nonwovens and was purchased by PFNonwovens in 2018. The company operates five production plants worldwide: two in the Czech Republic, and one each in the United States, Egypt, and South Africa.

“Both First Quality Nonwovens and now PFN have been a valuable employer in our Humboldt Industrial Park and the announcement of this expansion and increase in quality manufacturing jobs, at, what I understand to be, competitive wage rates, is directly in-line with our mission and positive news for our community,” said CAN DO Executive Vice President Joseph Lettiere.

In a press release from the company, it states that PFN offers competitive compensation including generous starting wages, competitive benefits program and opportunities for advancement. The company said individuals seeking employment opportunities are invited to visit