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sweeney danDan Sweeney, CAN DO’s Facilities Manager for the past 21 years, has announced that he will be retiring on March 31.

As facilities manager, Sweeney is responsible for the management of all of CAN DO’s leased buildings and oversees the maintenance of its industrial parks and corporate center.

“Danny is one of the most reliable people we’ve ever had at CAN DO. Dan had tremendous pride in what he did and is well respected not only by our entire board and staff but also all of our tenants. Danny is a master craftsman who understood our properties as well as anyone. He will be very hard to replace and surely be missed,” said CAN DO President and CEO Joseph Lettiere.

Prior to starting at CAN DO on July 12, 1999, Sweeney worked as a union carpenter.

“I remember I was working on the footers for the Office Max building as a carpenter when I got the call that I was hired by CAN DO. I was so happy to hear that they were hiring me,” Sweeney said.

“I have loved every minute of my job and couldn’t have asked for a better boss than Kevin O’Donnell and better co-workers than I’ve had over the years. I would love to keep working but it’s time for me to retire,” he said.

CAN DO has gone through many changes during Sweeney’s tenure with the organization. He spoke of all the growth CAN DO has seen over the years. “It’s unbelievable how many projects have taken place in the industrial parks and it’s amazing how many new projects are underway today,” he said.

Before starting with CAN DO and working as a union carpenter, Sweeney also served in the Army reserves for six years and worked with the City of Hazleton Fire Department. He also ran heavy equipment for various contractors.