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CAN DO recognizes the organization must supplement the efforts of the private sector by pursuing permits on various sites in order to maximize the number of options available for a company. With that in mind, CAN DO is making its parks ready for business immediately and is actively working on finalizing land development approvals on a few sites in its portfolio.

CAN DO is proceeding with land development approvals for three of its sites in the Humboldt Industrial Park – Site 104 and Site 106 in Humboldt East and Site 25 in Humboldt North.

Humboldt East Site 106 is a 50.8-acre site that can accommodate a 470,000 square-foot speculative building. This site sits along Interstate 81 and has visibility to travelers. Land Development, Erosion & Sediment and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit applications have all been submitted and land development approvals are expected to be secured by July. Once permitting is in place, the site will be fully entitled and ready for construction.

Site 104, also located in Humboldt East, is a 12.4-acre site that could accommodate approximately 105,000 square feet of development. A sketch plan for the site has been submitted and discussions are underway to secure the required wetland mitigation approvals. The land development approval process for the site is expected to be completed by the spring of 2020.

Humboldt North Site 25 has been subdivided into two pieces of land. Site 25B can accommodate a 310,000 square-foot single-loaded industrial facility. Site 25C can accommodate a 75,000 square-foot building. A sketch plan application for both sites has been submitted and land development approvals are expected to be in place by spring of 2020.

All three sites are ideal for companies in the manufacturing or distribution/logistics sectors and feature utilities that are located right at the property boundary. In addition to the forthcoming land development approvals, another benefit of these three sites is their location in a Federal Qualified Opportunity Zone. Investments made by individuals through special funds in these zones would be allowed to defer or eliminate federal taxes on capital gains.

The site permitting work in Humboldt Industrial Park is the latest in an ongoing project across CAN DO’s parks. Land development approvals are already in place for Site 19 in the CAN DO Corporate Center. This property can accommodate a 40,000 to 60,000 square-foot Class A building suitable for office, light manufacturing or e-commerce/distribution

CAN DO President and CEO Kevin O’Donnell said that having fully-permitted sites available allows companies to begin construction immediately and helps save what can be months or potentially years of regulatory processes to get a site fully approved.

“The timeline for most projects no longer affords a company the ability to purchase a site and work through the land development approval process, so CAN DO is working to ensure those land development permits are already in place when prospects look at the property. By following this strategic objective, CAN DO has positioned itself to compete for multiple projects it otherwise would have been disqualified from pursuing.”

For more information on the sites available, visit our Real Estate section.