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In its role as a Certified Economic Development Organization, CAN DO has been assisting businesses with a variety of financing services for decades. As things change by the minute during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, CAN DO's staff has continued to make themselves available to provide personalized service to businesses of all sizes to help them navigate the loan application process and discover additional business resources.

As a result of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having, CAN DO has fielded phone calls and emails from more than 70 businesses throughout Greater Hazleton to determine their eligibility for loans and processed multiple Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority loan applications for emergency funding. If those loans are approved, it will result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of financial assistance for businesses located in Greater Hazleton.

CAN DO Business Development Specialist Mark Minnig said CAN DO's staff is using its business financing expertise and partnerships with state and federal organizations to give companies personalized service.

“We are a resource center with access to the most up-to-date information as it pertains to the various specialized funding programs developed to help businesses survive during this time. As a result, we offer one-on-one consulting to help you select the funding sources that are right for your business,” Minnig said. “We believe it is vital to our local economy to assist small businesses, especially those that have been effected by the virus, in packaging loan applications for state and federal funding.”

When a business reaches out for financing assistance, Minnig personally gathers information on who the business is and what their individual needs are so he can present the business owner with a list of the programs that best fit their needs. Additionally, he works with business owners to make sure they understand every aspect of the loan programs, including the time requirements for filing the loan, the paperwork that is involved, the eligibility requirements, the loan terms and what each program offers.

Minnig said, “This is how I approach every meeting with a client. I give them the facts, I explain the loan programs in-depth to them and I let the company make a decision on what program is best for them. I stress to them that there are no guarantees they will be approved but that I will do everything I can to help them.”

Minnig added that what makes CAN DO further stand out is its experienced staff and the quick and efficient service it offers to each business. He said business owners often say they appreciate him explaining things to them that they didn't know about the loan programs and responding with a call so quickly after their initial request.

“We don't just have people fill out an online form and reach out to them via email. We put a human element to things by making sure to respond to their request with a phone call within 24-48 hours. CAN DO has a staff that has the experience to tackle all of their business financing issues and we're here to help.”

Minnig said that businesses are understandably anxious to apply for financial assistance and are relieved when they see CAN DO's personalized service.

“CAN DO is working for our community to help our local businesses with a very personalized experience. When people call, they know that I will get back to them quickly.”