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CAN DO’s dedication to workforce development is evident right in its mission statement: to improve the quality of life in the Greater Hazleton area through the creation and retention of a full range of employment opportunities. 

CAN DO is committed to helping industries across its parks access the employee education and training options that are currently available in the area while also focusing on the future workforce development needs that will help Greater Hazleton continue to be a competitive economic environment.

Through its partnerships with local, regional and state labor and industry partners, CAN DO works continuously to promote and implement workforce readiness skills and programs in the area, including certifications and technical training opportunities.

CAN DO is also working with the Hazleton Area School District to develop a program to both promote workforce readiness skills and programs among the district’s students as well as inform students, parents and teachers of the potential industrial careers that are available within Greater Hazleton.

Although some of its focus is on high-priority occupations that don’t require a formal college education, CAN DO is also partnering with local colleges and universities to improve their training opportunities for students, including through promoting and implementing internships and apprenticeship programs.

CAN DO continues to showcase why Greater Hazleton is the ideal place to do business. With this in mind, its focal points for the next year include working with its partner organizations to expand technical training options in the area and expanding efforts to create the workforce of the future.