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CAN DO recognizes the increasing demand among private developers to find available properties with land development approvals already in place.

As part of its strategic plan, CAN DO continues to work with its engineering partners, as well as local officials, to obtain land development approvals on a wide variety of sites. This allows developers to begin construction immediately and saves months, or even years, of regulatory processes to achieve approvals.

PNK group recently purchased one of the fully-permitted properties in Humboldt Industrial Park North. The international industrial developer constructs buildings that are suitable for distribution and light manufacturing purposes. The 25.44-acre site they purchased can accommodate a 310,000 square-foot facility.

The building will be a class A rear-dock warehouse with ample parking and convenient access. The company is now working on the particular design features of the building.

Peter Antonets, Director of Business Development for PNK Group, said, “We have looked at many submarkets in PA and NJ. We liked that Hazleton has a history of successful development, and all things considered, we think Hazleton provides a solid alternative to the better-known locations, like Lehigh Valley.”

In addition to being a developer, PNK group owns and operates 34 industrial parks across Russia, Europe and the U.S., with seven new sites being launched soon, so they understand the impact benefits like having land approvals in place can have on development.

“Humboldt Industrial Park has become a base for some quite demanding clients and that’s always a great sign. The park offers a good environment for us to complete development and for our clients to settle,” Antonets said. “We like the location at the intersection of the highways. The access is easy, and the utilities are all there in abundance for different types of users. We also want to start building now, so the fact that all approvals were in place through CAN DO’s efforts was very appealing.”

On its website, PNK group states that they “build modern industrial facilities quickly, in a high-quality manner, taking into account the customer’s needs.” They also offer “a full implementation cycle for turnkey industrial facilities.” This will continue to be a focus of their operations as they now look to develop land in Greater Hazleton.

“We believe that logistically NEPA offers great advantages to our clients, providing a reach to the entire East Coast and Canada, while still more affordable than many other submarkets of PA and NJ. We think it works out well,” Antonets said. “CAN DO has been very friendly and easy to deal with from the start. We explained who we were, that we are looking to complete a speculative warehouse/distribution project and got their support. We agreed on all main deal points quite quickly and it put this deal in front of a few others we were considering. Then we had to do some work together towards the end of the due diligence period to get the plans signed and recorded into our name before closing. CAN DO and their engineering team were very responsive and guided us through the process smoothly. Joseph Lettiere is very knowledgeable and professional. I hope we will get to do more work together.”